Monday, October 22, 2007

Mancala Math & Lullabies

Posted by shangrilewis on 22 October, 2007

I admit there are times we worry about our youngest. No one can understand him because of his speech “delays”. His last therapist always did this slow talking thing and he adapted that. It makes him sound slow.

But, what if we didn’t see him as a problem or as delayed?

He is loving Mancala. We count as we put stones in each section. He put one in his Mancala and showed me how he had four with his fingers and that if he has one more (he showed me his thumb) he would have a full hand! Yeah…that’s Math.

Tonight I sang him Hush little Baby.

He’s heard this so many times through the years.

But, tonight he told me

it was so beautiful

and then he sang me a song.

His car song he called it.

But, for me it’s heaven…

pure and beautiful heaven.

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