Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Waste, Websites, Soymilk boxes

I've had enough energy to sit at the computer lately. I miss my little iBook and staying in bed when I don't feel well. (I know how many times does she have to tell us this?), so I thought I would share some new places I've found instead of just writing run on sentences and adding them to my reader....

My Zero Waste
is a well put together site. They say it's just a blog, but wow blow my socks right off. I enjoy putting out little waste from our house. We haven't been as good since I'm doing none of the shopping. But, my mom did point out that we hardly ever use that second trash can that she pays for each month. I told her we put out very little garbage. We live with my parents and grandmother, but it's my parents house and it's actually divided into a duplex. We do have an inside entrance so the boys can bug my parents just enough to not forget they have grandchildren living downstairs.

Simple, Green, Frugal Co-op
is a next mish mash of writers who write on a variety of topics. It's nice to read through because it melds well, yet it's a change of pace to hear from different writers.

We don't drink dairy milk. We usually buy the big box of aseptic boxed soymilk at Costco. They don't recycle those here. They did in our last city. But, not here. It's probably the thing that fills up our trash can now. So, I'm thinking of just purchasing a soymilk maker, probably the Soyajoy when we have more money in the summer. I've read you can make other milks, too. I would love to make Almond milk and I'm curious if I could make hemp. I haven't read anything reliable on that yet. I love the hemp milk. But, the cheapest I've found it is $31 US dollars per case from Azure. I can't justify that.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cleaning up my reading list...

I just went to clean up my reading list. I can't believe how little we have been reading. I just couldn't read at all while I was sick. I'm still struggling to retain information. I think I'm just that tired. I did start Farm Sanctuary and it's been really interesting and a good read so far. I was worried I couldn't stomach it, but maybe I needed something more technical to chew on. I don't know, but it seems to be working. I think Monday I'll get back to reading aloud to the boys. I think we could all really use that, but that's a different blog now isn't this. This is my blog.

While at goodreads (where I keep my reading list) I realized how much those lists are like my life. I have a bunch of lists on there and they aren't really doing much. I expected way too much reading for all of this for the year. With three boys it's just makes no sense to separate them for reading. There is a good middle ground for all of them. I guess I'll just leave those lists there until I wake up and realize I don't want them hanging over me.

I felt like I had done really well to simplify and get into a certain groove. And, then my life took another sudden turn and here I am. Moved, pregnant, sick, a new home, a new church, a not so new town. I felt so settled in Seattle and honestly my parents town, where I live now, is a really wonderful town. Full of wonderful people. But, they just aren't as hippy, dippy, crunchy as we are.

But, this is Washington State and I know they must be out there. There must be someone who still wears Birkenstocks and socks!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Big Businesses, Christmas Memories

Looking at this map of the Growth of Walmart brought on some Christmas memories for me. I think because my dh family is really into Black Friday and they all go bonkers and buy a ton of stuff. My dh and I don't see the point. I don't want a present just so I can open something. We did get some really thoughtful presents this year. A nice framed picture of our boys and a framed silhouette of each boy.

But, I realized this Christmas that since becoming a family our favorite Christmases have been the ones where we lived out of state. My favorite was Southern California when I wore shorts and a tank top and we went looking for a place open for Breakfast. Our tree was maybe a foot high and that was all we could fit in our 400 sq ft cabin. But, it was lovely and sweet and meaningful.

We have had very little money these last few months, so we did not get our children presents. But, many other people did. We still ended up opening presents 3 times. My parents did tone it down this year and yet my children were still happy...surprise. The most used gifts so far have been the board games. I went shopping with my mom and we decided to get board games so we could go upstairs and have game and pizza nights. The boys love them!

I like spending time with family (we live with my parents and Grandmother) and my husband's family. It's so nice to have this time with them again, especially my Grandma whom I spent a lot of time with as a young child. But, sometimes I realize how truly different my husband and I can be from our own families. How we have melded together and formed our own little definition of family. I hope I can respect that as my own children grow and join their wives.

Having snow in Washington State was lovely for the boys. My parents have a huge hill for sledding and we got snowed in a few days.

I hope I don't sound cynical about Christmas or Holidays in general. I do love Holidays. I just don't want to be another family celebrating presents and giving. I want to celebrate Christmas and be thankful for the birth of Christ.

Bump, Bump, Bump

Literally, I have a big bump growing on my belly.

We are expecting our 4th child in June!!! I made an announcement on my other blog already, but then I got really sick and haven't been doing anything. Well, I've been vomiting, loosing weight, and sleeping...but that is about it.

I feel so much better this week though. So, I think I'm ready to start enjoying the growth of my baby.

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