Saturday, September 6, 2008

New European Car seat for the larger family...

The Europeans have done it again. Did they try to make a larger vehicle? No...they made a carseat that fits in a smaller vehicle and it fits up to 4 children! It's not all that pretty, but so very practical. It probably wouldn't be legal in the United States. At the moment we have a Volvo and normally we have some sort of VW bus.

This carseat would allow me to safely transport our children in the Volvo or the Volkswagen and I could even have another. My problem with the VW bus is that it's hard to put carseats in safely. Plus, one child has to sit rear facing in the jumpseat (or whatever it's called).

Friday, September 5, 2008

Grieving, Mourning...and moving on...

A sad thing happened shortly after my birthday.

Seattle and I have broken up. Sure I'll see her as I arrive by Ferry. Sure I'll get to ride public transit to visit the Zoo.

But, alas I've moved. Whilst cleaning my little City home, I cried till I got a migraine. I will admit to drinking too many beers to get through my cleaning date. I'm sad, really, really sad.

I've moved to my hometown (well my parents live I guess it's my hometown). I don't feel at home. I feel uprooted. I feel naked. Heck I feel like someone chopped my roots off with a cleaver.

It's quiet here. There are more cats, chickens, sheep, a small horse, a pond, ducks, a rabbit and five acres for three little boys and their Border Collie to roam. Apples have been picked and pies and cider made. They all seem happy thus far.

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