Friday, September 5, 2008

Grieving, Mourning...and moving on...

A sad thing happened shortly after my birthday.

Seattle and I have broken up. Sure I'll see her as I arrive by Ferry. Sure I'll get to ride public transit to visit the Zoo.

But, alas I've moved. Whilst cleaning my little City home, I cried till I got a migraine. I will admit to drinking too many beers to get through my cleaning date. I'm sad, really, really sad.

I've moved to my hometown (well my parents live I guess it's my hometown). I don't feel at home. I feel uprooted. I feel naked. Heck I feel like someone chopped my roots off with a cleaver.

It's quiet here. There are more cats, chickens, sheep, a small horse, a pond, ducks, a rabbit and five acres for three little boys and their Border Collie to roam. Apples have been picked and pies and cider made. They all seem happy thus far.

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